Refund Policy


Last updated: 12/28/17, 8:50 pm

For Downloadable Products

Refunds must be requested within 5 days of purchase through our contact page.

We will only issue refunds if our unmodified products don't install properly or run as in the product description and we cannot resolve it within 5 days of notice. We cannot issue refunds if you're unable to provide admin/login server info for us to verify the product.

We do not honor refunds for the following:

  • Products purchased for the incorrect forum software or version.
  • The server the product is being installed on doesn't meet the product's requirements.
  • Products not working properly because they were modified in any way.
  • Products not working properly because of a conflict with a 3rd party product/plugin.

For Services

We do not offer service refunds unless we deem the request impossible to complete.

Refunds are processed by the same payment processor used for purchase. It may take up to 5-7 business days to process.