Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your prices are high!  A XenForo license only costs $140..
- It’s all about volume. XenForo licenses sell in a much higher volume which allows them to only charge $140 and still profit enough to pay developers to produce and maintain a high-quality product. We also strive to deliver the highest possible quality products & services, because we sell at a lower volume we must price accordingly.

Can I purchase branding-free at a later point, after purchasing a license?
- Absolutely! You can do so from the “Your Licenses” page.

Can I purchase branding-free for a free license?
- Yes, in the add-on information page, click on “Purchase Extras Only”.

I’m changing domains, can I transfer my license to my new domain?
- Yes, please submit a support ticket and we’ll transfer it for you. All files must be removed from the previous domain.

How many installations can I make with a single license?
- Each license can only be installed on 1 Forum URL.