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(AJAX) Advanced Forum Stats

Instantly Boost User Engagement
Display Latest / Top X Stats - Auto Refresh

What is it?

Introducing a classic add-on many forums can't live without..

In 3 words: simple, clean, flexible

This add-on will display the following stats:
  1. Latest Posts
  2. Latest Threads
  3. Hottest Threads (based on most replies in set interval)
  4. Most Viewed Threads
  5. Latest Forum News
  6. Latest Members
  7. Most Liked Users
  8. Top Thread Starters
  9. Most Liked Threads
  10. Most Popular Forums
  11. Top Resources
  12. Latest Resources
  13. Plus Many More in future updates - we're open to suggestions ;)
What's the point of having stats if they can't auto-refresh, right?
- Stats will auto-refresh every X seconds (specified via admin setting)
- Don't want to wait for the next refresh? No problem, simply click "Refresh Now"
- Each user can also individually enable/disable auto-refresh

Global Template/Custom Locations Support
- Easily insert into any template/page by copying 1 line of code

Full Control
- Specify user groups allowed to view stats
- Display the stats panel above or below the forums
- Enable/disable each stat individually
- Specify the amount of results to display per stat
- Only show results from X forums, each stat has the option to specify which forum(s) to include
- Exclude specific forums
- Show/Hide Thread Prefixes
- Set cutoffs in days

Multi-Column Layout
Want to display some stats on the mini column and others on the main column?
You're free to choose the position and order that's best for you

Show/Hide Stats Panel
You can show or hide the stats panel with a single click, it'll remember your choice.

How does it benefit you?

  • Instantly boost user engagement
  • Find 10+ types of advanced stats and the updates you need in one place
  • No more having to to constantly refresh the page
  • Enhance your forum's attractiveness
  • Quick and easy setup

More Features

  • Fully mobile responsive
  • User group permissions
  • Caching system
  • Stats panel position: above/below forums
  • Refresh time interval (in seconds)
  • AJAX Pop-up thread previews on hover
  • Rich Username Support
  • Adjust the width of each column
  • Enable/disable data loading animation
  • Enable/disable each stat individually
  • Adjust column position for each stat
  • Adjust display order for each stat
  • Adjust amount of results to display for each stat
  • Only include X forums for each stat
  • Thread results include thread prefix
  • Highlighted unread threads/posts
  • XenForo Resource Manager Support
  • Full phrase support


New Features:
- Added option to set a custom title for each tab/forum stat individually. (Thanks to @toejam for the suggestion)
- Added option to invert the left & main column positions. (Thanks to @webmastersun for the suggestion)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a performance bug that would add unnecessary database queries
New Features:
- Added AJAX thread previews when hovering over thread titles in the stats
- Added support for rich/colored usernames. You can enable/disable in settings
First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your support :)

We're excited to release the first update for AJAX Advanced Stats with the main focus being to improve customization. We appreciate all the feedback we've received.

New Features:
- Implemented global / custom location support allowing the stats to display in any template by just adding a single line of code. (Code can be found in Admin Panel Settings Page)
- Added support for XenForo Resource Manager: "Top Resources" and "Latest Resources"
- Implemented a caching system for the stats configuration to minimize SQL queries
- Added "Excluded Forums" setting, useful if you prefer to include all forums and exclude specific ones.
- Added prefix settings: HTML, Plain or No Prefix
- Added cutoff settings for "Most Viewed Threads" and "Most Liked Threads"
- Added "Include Closed Threads" setting
- Sidebar/Main Columns can individually be disabled by setting the width to 0

Other Changes:
- Improved mobile support
- Improved overall layout

Latest Reviews

It is an essential addon, it works fantastic, and the support is very fast and prteciso, thanks for the great work guys
Gracias :) Disfruta!
Been waiting for an add-on like this ever since XenForo 2.x came out, I used to use one similar to it on XenForo 1.x. But this is much better and their support is amazing.

Fantastic job guys, a must buy for any forum owner - Great for keeping track of Posts, Threads and your valued Members.
Thank you! We?re glad you?re enjoying it :D
A must have add-on, clean design, works for the new XenForo 2.x and offers great functionality every forum owner should consider.
We appreciate your support and review, enjoy! :)

More Info

  • Latest Version: 1.3.0
  • Supported XenForo 2 Versions: 2.0.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.0.3, 2.0.4
  • Released: Feb 20, 2018
  • Updated: Mar 21, 2018


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