(AJAX) Advanced Forum Stats [TH] Ignore More addon support

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Hi there! I love the Advanced Forum Stats addon, and so do my users. Recently we added the [TH] Ignore More addon to allow users to ignore subforums and/or threads at will. However we noticed that any individual threads/threads from subforums they ignored show up on the Advanced Forum Status widget on our front page.

Will you please consider adding support for this addon to yours? I see you did this for the [tl] Ignore Content addon, and would really appreciate if you would do the same for this one.

The ThemeHouse people are pretty great, as I'm sure you know, so I'm certain they'd assist you in any way they can. Thank you so much for a great addon!


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This has been added in the latest version released a few minutes ago (1.7.1). Thanks for your patience

@AddonFlare so do you just take money from people, promise them features and then ignore them? I don't understand.
This feature was never promised, we have a list of potential features for each add-on. Just because it's added there doesn't confirm a release date or even a release. The only features promised are the ones in the add-on sales page, any additional features are periodically added in updates depending on demand. Unfortunately, we don't have enough time to code a specific feature requested by one or a few people on the spot. New feature suggestions are welcome, however, they're added within our schedule around custom development work
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