Paid Registrations Patreon Benefits -> XF Account Upgrades

Please consider to add Patreon Account Upgrades. Patreon offers the possibility for websites to setup a page that people can donate to and offer benefits. These benefits can equal xenforo account upgrades. Patreon has 2 API's that allow Patreon 'benefits' to be communicated to another system (XenForo).

The value of patreon upgrades would be:
  1. Expose your financial needs to a new group of people who may be sympathetic to your cause. i.e. a new income stream.
  2. Patreon offers subscriptions only. No single payments. Payments done though patreon will generate monthly income.
  3. Patreon is well known and I have received frequent questions if we are on Patreon or GoFundMe. And why we are not. So there is social demand for it.

There is significant demand for this. Please see the deleted resource here: