Paid Registrations Feature request: Custom Fields


I'm interested in purchasing your paid registrations addon, but I need one more feature for it to suit my needs. Custom Fields.

I need the ability to add custom user input fields when a user upgrades their account.

Some of the perks of upgrading on my forum are...

1. An email address | I need the user to input what they want the name to be.
2. A T-Shirt from our shop. | I need the user to input their desired shirt size
3. Custom Forum Title | I need them to state what that title should be.
4. Discord Channel Name | I need them to state the name of there channel.

You get the idea, basically the ability to ask a question and a text field for them to input their answer.
Also the ability for multiple choice answer or radio style Yes or No selection.

If you can implement these features this addon will be perfect for my needs and I will purchase immediately.

Thanks for your time,


Staff member
Hi Rick,

Thanks for your suggestion!

I’m sure many would find custom fields for user upgrades very useful. I can see this being implemented in a future update :)