Paid Registrations Donations & donation drives

Please add functionality for donations to the addon. There is significant demand for this. See:

First I would like to suggest a donation payment type.
I'd also like to suggest donation drives. The admin sets a goal of the total funds needed. Members can then donate to that goal until the goal is met.
The donation drive is advertised on the site with the progress meter to display how much money has been donated and how much is left to go. See:

A donation drive has a start and end date.


Staff member
This seems to be a bit far out of the scope of this add-on since Paid Registrations' focus is around paid subscriptions/memberships. However, we'll consider this for a future add-on.
I can see why it seems that way. Our previous subscriptions software had both subscriptions and donations. We use Paid Subscriptions for both subscriptions as donations as its basically the same thing the way we have subscriptions set up. Here are our subscriptions:
  1. Donation 1 week, 1 month, 1 year
  2. Supporter 1 month, 1 year
  3. Sponsor 1 month, 1 year
  4. Benefactor 1 month, 1 year
  5. Patron 1 month, 1 year
We give donating members all kinds of perks, so its basically subscriptions people create in order to support the site. Supporting the site is the main motivation for buying a subscription on most non-commercial websites. So there is a lot of overlap there.

And to be honest: your Paid Subscriptions is already the best donation software available for XF. Simply because of the ease of purchase and the UXD.
While it may seem out of scope, it may be closer than you have so far considered.