Awards System Daily/Weekly Tasks for Awards

Sometimes awards may not be enough to increase forum activity. Having a goal for a specific time period allows for continuous activity where members can maintain their awards. If this is implemented, it may heavily increase forum activity and encourage the lazy lurkers to make an attempt to come out of the shadows and get the rewards for doing so.

So my suggestion is Daily/Weekly Tasks for Awards.

Some of the tasks to maintain the award:
  • Make X posts within the timeframe
  • Make X threads within the timeframe
  • Change avatar within the timeframe
  • Make a profile/status post within the timeframe
  • You can probably think of more ideas
  • timeframe is one value (could be 1 day/daily or 7 days/weekly for example, hence the names).

If you fail to keep up, the award will be removed. If you consistently pass the requirements, you maintain bearer of the award.

Maybe this can work with my previous suggestion, but just adding a time frame to the mix that adds/remove the award if the requirements have been passed for the specific time frame..

I'm not really hoping for the addition of this idea, but I just thought it'd drastically increase forum activity, resulting in more people purchasing this add-on. As you're probably aware, forums are slowly dying and anything to encourage activity helps.