Paid Registrations * Buy Gift(as anonymous) Account - Big Issue

Here is a big issue, because not existing protocol or o acopy about the email which was sent to the anonymous buyer.
In fact, an user purchased a Premium VIP on my forum "* Buy Gift(as anonymous) Account".
The Paypal transaction was made, but after 3 days, he request money refunds, because he the service was not as described.
Sure the my service is exactly like described, but he wanted his money back.

Speaking with Paypal, they request from me a prove that the buyer used my service.
How can I prove that, if the buyer purchased as anoymous and maybe give it away to other? The buyer and the gift receiver is not the
same person. So, I could not prove anything. No protocol/log/ or aan email copy from the purchasing as anonymous.

This issue can create big issues with paypal.


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You're able to see the user ID of the anonymous user that purchased the gift through the database. However, since XF's payment log system doesn't log IP addresses, there's not a lot that can be done with the current setup to show proof. So this is not only an issue with the gift system, but also with the regular user upgrade purchases.

The only way would be to extend the XF payment system functionality to send you a copy of all purchases along with the IP address of the purchaser. We'll look into implementing this in a future update.
Hello, thanks for the answer.
In which database table can I see that Anonymous IP?

I'm interested on how the AddOn works, if a Premum Account get purchesed by anonymous.
He access the "Register", then makes his choice, for example "Premium LITE" and then to "Join"
Now, he need to fil the that form, with his email address, the VIP package and Cupon, etc...
After paying, what will receive? An email with what content? What are the next setps for him?
If he receive an email with a LINK, how will that work to register a Premium Account?
Could be a copy of this email sent to the owner (admin) of the forum?

PayPal sends you a receipt via email of each transaction, so there is no way you'd have a problem tracking activity on your account.

FYI: We do not offer refunds on our service. The service we offer, a membership upgrade, is clearly labeled. For recurring subscriptions, all they have to do is cancel and they are no longer charged.
There is no issue with the payment. The issue is to prove that the buyer is already using your service.
If you buy a premium account as anonymous without registering and an sent the access to other person, how can the forum owner prove
that the you are is using his service?
That is the general issue.

I already disabled that feature because it can make such issues, because of missing email copy or other logs