Ignore/Block Essentials Allowing 2-way blocked users to block

We ran into an interesting issue on my forum we didn’t expect. A user had been 2-way blocked, which is fine, it’s a feature we’re happy to allow so users have more control of who interacts with their content. Now, later on down the line, the user that was blocked is seeking peace of mind and goes to block the user that blocked them before, but since they cannot see the user profile or any of their content, they cannot block the user.

This creates an issue where the second user now has no power over the situation, and the person who blocked first can block and unblock the other user at will, and still access their content whenever they want, send messages, etc. We could just warn anyone abusing the block function like this, but ideally you want to be able to avoid that situation entirely.

tl;dr we want users to be able to mutually block one another even when 2-way block is enabled