Paid Ads A few suggestions


New member
1) Allow Promo Codes - Allow a discount or free banners through the use of promo codes

2) Allow ability to add text or HTML box to the Advertising page. For example, I like to type idiot-proof steps on purchasing banners. (i.e. I'd like to let them know that banner submission and approval is done after payment)

3) Can banner approval be done before payment?


Staff member
  1. This is actually already on the to-do list, any specific things you’d like it to have? Settings, how it should work, etc?
  2. Sure, we’ll add this as an option
  3. Not sure what you mean before payment. Ads are placed in the “pending” page after the user pays. There is an option for “auto approved” user groups though. If the user is in one of those user groups, the ad will be automatically approved after payment.
Thanks for the suggestions :)
  1. Yes, need this. Discounts in # of free slots would be fine for me. Think that would be easier tasks than assigning $ amount.
  2. I could find this useful.
  3. Creating a new user group should accomplish this.